Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tips for Spicing Up the P2 Diet

When I first heard about the 500 calorie diet, my first thought was that I can eat that in 2 spoonfuls of my Cold Stone Creamery Peanut Butter Cup Perfection with chocolate dipped waffle cone!!! (Yum, btw.) It was a surprise to me that I could actually handle the VLCD with little to no hunger while on the shots.  I admit, again, that I was hungry (and grumpy) the first few days, even with my Phase 1 binge, but I soon adjusted and handled the diet just fine.  

A couple things I learned to make this phase a little easier:

  • You will need a good digital scale that measures in ounces.  Accurate measurement can make the difference between frustration and success. 
  • No anti-stick cooking sprays allowed on this diet.  The best way to keep your food from sticking is to de-glaze your pans with a bit of water while cooking.  It also keeps the meat tender and moist, and with steak, it makes a yummy gravy like sauce too!  
  • Invest in spices, but check the contents. Some spices also contain sugar which is a no-no.  Vinegar, garlic, salt, pepper, ginger, onion powder, basil, oregano, and many others work great!
  • There is a line of products called Walden Farms which is allowed on this diet.  They contain no calories, no carbohydrates, no sugar, no gluten, but they are pretty tasty and a little goes a long way.  I really like the BBQ sauce, the Raspberry Vinaigrette, and the Asian dressing.  They also have jams, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, marshmallow cream, and peanut butter.  I have a link to the Walden Farms website in the sidebar or you can click here. Many health food stores also carry this line.  Harmon's food stores also carry a fairly complete line of Walden Farms products.  
  • I found several good recipe websites which I have also posted in the sidebar.  Be sure that the recipes are for the phase you are in though. Some of the sites I found did not differentiate between Phase 2 and Phase 3 recipes, but you can tell by the ingredient list. If it includes items that are not allowed in Phase 2, don't try it or save it for later. I will also be posting my favorite recipes.
  • Grissini bread sticks and Melba Toast are optional as snacks or for use in recipes.  I never enjoyed them as snacks but you can crumble them up to make coatings for chicken or to add some crunch to a salad. 
If you have any great ideas, or tips on making the diet easier, please leave a comment.  Remember, phase 2 is when your brain is relearning how to process fat in your body.  You are making changes now that will ensure your future success!  Be strong and stick to it!  


Anonymous said...

Try the WASA light Rye crispbread only 30 calories per slice. Much tastier than the two you mentioned.

Anonymous said...

I am on the HCG diet and I am doing really well. I would like to ask you some questions though concerning tweaking the diet. Please email me at I'm especially interested in the Walden Farms products.

Anonymous said...

I am on Day 8 of P2 and craving chocolate with a vengeance. Needless to say, I'm also at my TOM. :( I'm reading mixed reviews on eating Walden Farms on P2. Do you have any clarity on this issue? Thanks!

Tonya said...

The only clarity I can offer is my own experience. I've eaten Walden Farms with no detrimental side effects. I would recommend the chocolate dip with strawberries if you are craving chocolate. It's no where near the real thing but it's good enough. :)