Monday, August 31, 2009

Eating out on the HCG Diet

Even if you love to cook, sometimes food just tastes better when it's prepared by someone else! But frequent restaurant outings are part of what got me into trouble in the first place. In the beginning of the HCG diet,  I tended to avoid Girls Night Out and other social activities because these things almost always involve FOOD and lots of it!  But soon I found that there were several local restaurants that offer an HCG menu and that I could adapt several menu items at my favorite restaurants as well.  It's true that options are still limited and temptation is high, so if you need to eat out, firm your resolve and make a plan ahead of time.

In St. George, you can find the following options:

  • The Palms restaurant, located in the Holiday Inn on Bluff Street, offers a simple phase 2 menu for around $5.00.  They offer all the available options from both the meat and veggie list. 
  • Rise and Dine, located next to Costco,  offers a great HCG menu for both Phase 2 and Phase 3.
  • Green Valley Spa has an HCG menu that can be delivered to your door. I haven't tried these, but they look delicious.  A little more expensive, but they'd be a great option for a busy schedule. A link to their menu is in the sidebar or visit
  • Also Signature Suppers, located in the Boulevard Commons across from Smith's, has specially prepared meals for pick-up or delivery.  Check out their menu at
Other restaurants can customize your orders to fit the HCG protocol as well.  Just be sure that they are not using any oils, butters, or marinade in the preparation.  Ask for vegetables to be steamed and bring your own Walden Farms dressing or use vinegar and lemon on salads.  Don't be shy about asking for a custom order. I have found people to be very helpful and a lot of times the server has recognized that I am on the HCG diet and it leads to a great conversation as well.  
Good Luck! Be sure to share any tips you have learned or new places you've found in the Comments section! 

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