Friday, August 28, 2009

Phase One of the HCG Diet-My Favorite!

The first phase of the HCG diet is your loading phase. I LOVED THIS PHASE! Two days of pure unadulterated indulgence. I had friends start this phase and they went out and got a shake on the second night. That was their BIG SPLURGE. Please don't waste this phase! If you ever wanted something fat and tasty and good, now is the time. Eat as many high fat/high calorie foods as you can during this 2-day loading phase. Pasta, doughnuts, ice cream, whatever. Nothing is off-limits during phase 1.

The purpose of this is to make sure your body has extra fat stores to use while the HCG begins working. It takes up to 3 days for the HCG to kick in and begin to burn enough fat to supplement your 500 calorie diet.

In other words, your body must have fat to burn while you begin the 500 calorie diet or you may get too hungry and give up on the diet altogether. Make sure you are following your doctor's recommendation for Phase 1.

A Word About Cleansing: Some websites recommend a month-long cleansing period, which they also call Phase One of the HCG diet. I did not know about this until after I had completed one session and I do not think it is necessary to the success of the HCG diet. And it certainly doesn't sound like as much fun!


Grmama Dawn said...

This is a wonderful blog to do... you were my inspriration to be better. The one thing you wrote a while ago that got me thinking that I should also do something about my weight was that you were finally seeing your real self and being heavy really wasn't who you were. That rang a bell with me and I thank you for your insight and love. You are beautiful and someone who I would love no matter what your weight (But you are healthier slimmer) and that makes me smile. Love you always, keep up with the blog, I will be following it.

Hcg diet said...

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