Monday, August 31, 2009

Dr. ATW Simeon vs. Kevin Trudeau

I am finishing up my last week of HCG injections for Round Two this Wednesday!! In my research--I'm trying to prepare again to take on this very important phase--I came across a very different protocol than the one that I was familiar with.  It turns out that the original HCG protocol that was designed by Dr. ATW Simeon is much simpler and less overwhelming than the one outlined by Kevin Trudeau in his book called The Weight Loss Cure (or something like that).  I have never read the book, but the websites that cited his version call for a much longer list of foods to avoid including things like preservatives, ice water and artificial sweeteners--anything man-made or chemical.  It may very well work, but my experience has been that Dr. Simeons protocol works just fine and is much easier to follow.

In short, Dr. Simeons' protocol, which is available as a free download in the sidebar, says that you may eat any food that you like only avoiding sugars and carbohydrates.  You do need to weigh yourself daily and if an increase of more than two pounds occurs, then you do a Steak Day which results in an immediate drop of 1-2 lbs.  A Steak Day is when you skip breakfast and lunch and eat a big steak and big apple for dinner.  Supposedly, it works like magic!  I never had to try it after my 1st round because I never gained enough to warrant it.  In other words, the diet worked for me without all the bells and whistles that Trudeau's diet calls for.

I suppose it is up to you which diet protocol you prefer. As for me, I look forward to the Jello Sugar Free Pudding and Blue Bunny No Sugar Added Bunny Tracks ice cream-in moderation, of course-as my reward for making it this far!  I'd love to hear which protocol you are using and which you like best! Leave a comment and let us know!


Shal said...

I don't eat artificial sweeteners or anything processed anyway, so I don't have to worry about that! When I do eat any sugar it's only raw organic. I am considering Stevia as a substitute. I would definitely stick to the simple diet, especially if it works.

Tonya said...

Shal...Stevia is a terrific sweetener! I use the Truvia brand name and I love it. Thanks!

mindyk said...

If you're sticking to only Stevia as a sweetener and you need a treat, you can mix a packet of Stevia with some pure cocoa powder, drop a dollop of peanut butter w/no sugar added, mix it all up until it looks like frosting, and then spread it on fruit--strawberries and peaches. Drink a cup of vanilla herbal tea with this concoction, and it's pretty satisfying.

Jay said...

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