Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Phase 3 of the HCG Diet

Also known as the first three weeks of the Maintenance Phase, this is the most critical phase of the diet. Your hypothalamus is being reset to your new weight during these three weeks.  It is important that you do not consume any sugars or carbohydrates since they interfere with the hypothalamus' control of your metabolism.  You can eat any foods you like, at any time during this phase, but you cannot have sugar or starches.

It is also important for you to weigh daily during this period. You should note your weight on the last day of your injection, this is your target weight. You will also need to continue the 500 calorie diet for an additional 72 hours from the time of your last injection.  It takes about 72 hours for your body to rid itself of the HCG in your system.  At the 72 hour mark, you can begin to increase your calories. As you weigh daily, you don't need to worry about any increase unless you go 2lbs over your target weight, even if it is just by a few ounces.  You should also be careful not to lose more than 2 lbs either since this may be a sign that you are not eating enough calories and may put your body back into "starvation mode."  

There are actually two procedures that I am aware of at this point.  The clinic I went to suggested a Grace Period if you are going to do another session. Basically, you are advised to stick to the VCLD menu & only increase your portions to about double what you had before, roughly 1000 calories.  This Grace Period lasts about 3 weeks at which point you would start Round Two of Phase Two again.

Dr. Simeons' original protocol and the majority of the research I've done online recommends a period of at least 6 weeks before you begin Round 2 and the only limitation is the sugar and starch rule that I explained earlier.  After the 3-week no sugar/starch period, you would then begin to add back in some of the sugar and carbs you would eat normally and continue in this maintenance phase for the rest of your life, unless you planned to do a repeat round of injections.  This period is sometimes referred to as Phase 4, but it is still the Maintenance Phase.

At any point during phase 3, should your weigh exceed your target weight by more than 2 lbs, you will do a Steak Day.  A Steak Day calls for you to skip both breakfast and lunch and then eat a big steak and a big apple for dinner.  I'm thinking at least 7 oz for the steak and a fairly large apple.  This will result in an immediate drop of 1-2 lbs the following day.   It seems kind of magical, but those I know who have tried it say it really works.  As of this post, I haven't had to do a Steak Day since my weight has stayed well within the target range.  If you have tried it and want to share your success, post a comment here.

It is also important to note that if you plan to do more than 2 rounds of Phase 2, the wait period between rounds increases each time.  For instance, it is suggested that you wait 6 weeks between Rounds 1 and 2, and then wait 8 weeks between Rounds 2 and 3, 12 weeks between Rounds 3 and 4, etc.  This is to avoid developing HCG immunity.


Gardner's said...

So I'm on day 2 and realizing that it is pretty hard. I don't ever feel that I get satisfied. I think my body is in shock from eating so much to so little. Plus I honestly think i've had to go to the bathroom 20 times today! no lie! All the water is killing me. I knew it would be difficult and i hope it will get a little easier as my body adjusts. Thanks for the blog info. Love it!

Tonya said...

Hang in there Jodi! It is hard the first few days but then your body adjusts and the HCG really kicks in and you start to feel good even eating as little as you do. The bathroom trips are a pain, but remember that is how the fat is leaving your body! When I finally realized that, every trip to the ladies room was a little more motivating. :) I'm so glad you are enjoying the blog! Keep me posted on your progress...I know you'll do great!