Sunday, January 24, 2010

Variation on a Theme

So, I told my husband about the Orange Slushy recipe that I posted previously and he really wanted to try it. Unfortunately, I was feeling too cheap to buy the Orange and Vanilla Stevia from the Nutrition store (total retail value $30). He suggested that I use a packet of Orange Sunrise Crystal Light (although we use the Walmart brand) that he had for his water bottle.  I tried it and he raved about it.  It's the same recipe that I use for the Strawberry Smoothies, but we substituted one orange for the 6 strawberries, added 1Tbs. of milk, ice and drink mix reconstituted. It was delish!

So, here it is!
Orange Julius
1 orange
1 T. milk
Orange diet drink (Crystal Light)

Blend until ice and orange are liquified. Pour into glasses and enjoy!

This recipe and the Strawberry always makes more than I can drink! So I get to share with the kids. It's fun to  turn the tables on them. Usually they're eating something that makes me want to beg! LOL

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