Sunday, January 17, 2010

Round 3 Begins!

For me, anyway! For my husband and daughter, this is their first go-round! Our loading days went well...way too much food. But we are on our way! It's nice to be cooking for more than just myself! I do need to remember to feed my youngest who is the only one in my family not doing the HCG. She's good at reminding me that's she's hungry (like every 5 minutes LOL) so I'm not too worried.

Since there are three of us this time around, I am approaching our meals just a little bit differently. I went shopping for meat in bulk and stocked up on plenty of chicken and steak. I spent a good deal of time weighing out portion sizes and I cooked up a good supply of it and put it in baggies. I'm hoping this will help us as we go through the week to just be able to grab a lunch to take to work/school or if we're each feeling like eating something different from each other. I'm also keeping plenty of fresh vegetables on hand, although I seriously underestimated the amount of veggies I would need for all of us! Now we have easy-to-grab-on-the-go food to keep us going through the week. It took a lot of time up front, but I think it will be a time saver overall.

I'd love to hear your ideas for cooking for families! Are there any other couples or families who are on this crazy ride together? How do you encourage & support each other? Leave a comment with your ideas/suggestions!

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Anonymous said...

DH and I are just starting (2days in on vlcd). Just trying to get the hang of cooking w/o oils! I always use at least a spray of olive oil so this is interesting.

I'll be going out to stock up on more steaks (hubby loves them) and some other items (such as the flavored stevia you mentioned).