Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hot Chocolate on A Rainy Day

It's been incredibly rainy and cold here where I live, and I happened to post on Facebook that I was missing my daily Hot Cocoa. A friend of mine suggested that I try 8oz. of hot water with 5 drops of chocolate flavored Stevia, and 5 drops of vanilla Stevia.  She'd never tried it, and I haven't either but I thought it was worth posting. As soon as I can manage the trip to Dixie Nutrition, I'm kicking back with a mug and a good book!

She also told me about an Orange Slushy recipe that I really want to try!  Combine 2 Tbs. Milk, Ice, an orange, Orange flavored Stevia and Vanilla flavored Stevia in a blender. Sounds delish!

Do you have any other suggestions for Hot Chocolate substitutes or other drinks? I'd love to hear them.

BTW, after 7 days: I've lost 9 lbs., hubby's lost 9, daughter's lost 7.5!!! Doing pretty good, if I do say so!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful you are experimenting and loving it! Congrats on the losses - all losses are good ones with HcG!! I started Aug 09 and am down nearly 40 pounds - but more importantly I changed my eating habits and I went from an size 18W to a 14 petite. Bra size from 44C to my old 42B; hopefully 40B before too long. I love wearing leggings!! and Tights! Wearing a Medium in that. Holy Cow - that's amazing to me....all the best!!

Tonya said...

Thanks for sharing your success with us Kathy! Congratulations!