Monday, September 21, 2009 - KSL 5 News investigates Utah's HCG diet deals

So despite the sensationalized spin, I think this report got it pretty much right.  The details of the diet were right on...and their concerns about what people who order HCG online are really getting echoed my own.  I disagree that there is "no scientific evidence" as there have been several studies done, many supporting the HCG protocol. (See my previous post for more on this.)

I would hope that this report does not damage the availability of this protocol to those who really need it.  It's been an amazing solution to a lifelong struggle for me! I, too, encourage the involvement of a physician as yo begin and the cost of the overall diet has been a bargain compared to some boutique-type health clinics and online sellers that have offered the diet at outrageous prices.  If you do order your HCG online, you might want to verify that it is coming from an authorized physician or pharmacist.

There is a lot of information posted on the KSL website, including the complete report. Check it out and post your comments....tell us what you think!! - KSL 5 News investigates Utah's HCG diet deals

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Shal said...

The article didn't mention the drops, I wouldn't buy from an overseas pharmacy! I'm also not seeing a doctor(they tried to kill me three years ago, and I gave them up). What really gets me is all the comments. Eat right and exercise! I'm tired of people thinking that's the solution, I've been doing that for years with NO results at all!!

discounthcgdiet said...

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