Monday, January 24, 2011

Biting the Bullet I realized it's been a while since I posted. In reading over the past few entries, I have not wanted to admit that I have had some major setbacks on my weight loss journey. I was fully committed to running a race in 2010 but that year came and went without me meeting my goal. I have also gained about 50 lbs since the last posting as well...most of that in the past 3 months since having some issues with my thyroid...BUT...I decided to bite the bullet, come clean and start anew! 

As you have read, I was having numbness in my legs which only subsided when I stopped trying to run so that's what I did. I still have dreams of running a race and I've not completely given that up yet...just put it on hold until I can build up to it. Another reason (excuse) for my setback is that last May I began my Master's Degree and it has taken a lot of time/energy which up until then had been focused eating right/exercising. The good news is that I am almost half way toward earning my degree, the bad news is that I now need to learn how to incorporate my old healthier eating habits into my new busier life! I know many of you will agree with me that it is so much more convenient and easier to just swing by a burger joint on the way home from school/work/etc to grab dinner for the fam than to spend the time to shop, prepare and serve a healthy home cooked meal. :( Unfortunately, that convenience shows up very plainly on my scale each new day. 

So, like I said, I am starting anew...

Wednesday I have an appointment to meet with my doctor to begin another round of HCG! I am finding myself less motivated this time around, but I know that if I don't commit to this that the scale will keep creeping up and I'll find myself right back at 300+ lbs or worse. I can't let that happen and I'm grateful that I know this diet works and that having found success once, I'll be able to do it again! 

Lesson learned: This struggle for me is a lifelong process. I think I was thinking that once I hit my goal weight I would love how I looked so much that I would never be tempted to eat again, but I found that I still have the same stress and eating issues as a skinny person as I did when I was heavier. HCG is not a magic bullet, but for me a way to learn to manage my portions, master my bad habits and create a healthier base to build on going forward. So now I will begin with that new end in mind and hopefully have good news to report on my next post! 

Good luck to me and good luck to you, too, wherever you are on your HCG Journey!


Anonymous said...

I also am starting a new round of HCG after having lost about 30 lbs and gaining it back over the last 6 months. I know I need to lose the weight and start a life style change. Eat healthy! Any way, look forward to viewing your journey. Good luck and hand in there.

Anonymous said...

I really admire your motivation and I wish you the best, but in my experience HCG is just not a viable option. I was on it for 3 weeks, LOVED it and lost a ton, but the minute I went off it, I gained everything back. It was extra disappointing to have seen myself thin, then watch it all come back on despite my very healthy new eating habits. The only thing I lost with HCG was 500 bucks.