Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Let the Training Continue...

I always thought runners were crazy! Why would anyone want to subject themselves to the torture that even they admit is inherent in the act. Blisters, sore muscles, jarred joints, lactic acid buildup, burning lungs, blood vessels pounding--in a word: PAIN!

Yet, today as I climbed back on the treadmill after a two week break, I think I had a mini-epiphany; the beginnings of a breakthrough. It was hard. I had all the symptoms described above and then some, but as I started to find my rhythm, it felt as though my body were thanking me. I had the distinct impression that my physical self was saying, "Finally.  This is what I was made for. I'm not just a receptacle for food or soft spot to rest my bones. I was made to move." It felt as though my soul was singing and the music drowned out the pain.

I know... a little melodramatic, but the sentiment is true. I guess I've always wanted to be a runner, elsewise why would I be doing it now? I knew there must be something to it since so many people are addicted to it. I've always felt the draw of challenging myself and overcoming my weaknesses...but until I lost weight I never had the physical strength to do anything about it. There is a great satisfaction in knowing that I conquered in that battle and now I'm facing my goal of running a 5K with a new understanding. I guess I'm one of the crazies after all! :)

I picked up today at Week 2 Day 1...right where I left off. I'm not giving up on my goal. I will keep you posted on my progress. I wanted to thank the many of my followers (friends) who checked in on me and offered me great advice while I was down. Keep posting and commenting. I love hearing from you!


Gloria said...

I was so glad to see your post and know that things must be better for you and your back.

Good luck with your continuing HCG journey.


Anonymous said...

since starting running, hav u lost anymore weight?

danielle said...

I am so proud of your amazing progress. You are such an example. I appreciate your tips for healthy eating in St. George.

Sweet Flair said...

Are you still there? I just found you - and now you're gone. :*( I noticed you haven't posted since April are you doing? You're blog is great - I'm on R1P2 day 10...lost a little over 12 lbs and thinking that 30 more days seems like a loooong time!!!