Sunday, January 30, 2011

At the Beginning....Again.

Here I am at the beginning of Round 4 Phase 2....after losing 100 lbs. then gaining 51 back. :'(

My loading days have gone well, but I may have overdone it a bit. I have found that the better you load the easier it is to transition though. Time will tell, but I tried to get as much fatty foods in as I could stand. At this point, I'll be glad to eat next to nothing for the next little while.

I went shopping and stocked up on chicken, steak, and shrimp which are my favorites. I weighed out each portion and put them in baggies for easy cooking later. I went ahead and cooked up about 4 days worth of chicken so that if I need to grab some in a hurry, I can do that. I'm super busy these days so every bit of advanced prep helps.

One of the hardest things, I think, about doing this diet is the fact that the rest of my family still needs to eat. It's easy for me to focus on my meals, recipes, preparations, and forget that I still have children and a husband who want food too. (Go figure.) My oldest, who did the HCG with us last time, has decided that she wants to eat what I eat in a bit larger portions. But the other daughter and DH still need food. I think I'm going to try to let them all eat the basic HCG recipes that I prepare, but cook an extra side or two for them to bulk up their meals. What do you all think? Do you have any ideas for helping your family to keep eating healthy while you are on a restricted diet? Do you have any easy recipes that the kids can make for themselves? Please share your great ideas!


Darby said...

I'm so with ya on this! I just started Round 5 today after two days of loading. I had gone from 224(?) to about 183(?) and gained enough back to get me to 197 now. So I'm starting again as well. Good luck!

Amy said...

It's always so much easier putting it on that taking it off. I haven't been able to exercise since before Christmas because of a bum foot. I'll be starting round three after my foot surgery next week. Good luck!