Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Inevitable Setback

Isn't it usually true that when you are trying to make changes for good in your life, things always happen to de-motivate, discourage, and generally put a damper on your plans? It shouldn't surprise me, then, that I am experiencing one of the first hurdles in my C25K journey...but it's still a bummer!

I have been having numbness in my left leg for about 3 weeks now. I'm sure it is a pinched nerve and I keep hoping it will resolve on it's own. I did get 4 successful training sessions in before the discomfort level got too high for me to continue, but the time has come for me to seek professional intervention! My problem is that I never know who to go to...this is my nightmare: I go to my family doctor and he says, Hmmm...maybe you should go to PT, I go to the PT and they tell me I need to see a Chiropractor, I see the Chiro guy and he tells me I have to come back every week for the next millennium. Money, time and no results! I want to just go to the place that will fix me... I know I'm a whiner baby...I've had too many bad experiences for this to be an easy thing. But, it is what it is and I have to do it.  This is why I began my weight loss journey in the first I can be a more active, more fit person! I can't give up now that I've come so far!

I'm hoping to see someone tomorrow! I'll post when I have more news.


Gardner's said...

So sorry to hear of your pain. It is hard to get through those hurdles, but just know what an inspiration you are to everyone! You can't let us down, keep up your awesome work you look AWESOME!!!

Gloria said...

Do you have a NUCCA Chiropractor in your area? Check out by googling to know how very gentle, different, and effective it is. Please don't have surgery until you try that.

I had two herniated discs and had sciatic pain so bad that I couldn't sit longer than a minute or two at a time. I could lay down and be okay or stand for a little while, but sitting was excruciating. The doctor who diagnosed me wanted to do all kinds of invasive stuff. But I held out (Oh was he arrogantly outraged) and finally learned about Nucca Chiropractic. It saved me.

By the way, I did have to go for a few months to the Chiro, but I knew there was an end in sight. I also felt better and better during this time.

I've been checking here every day to see how you are doing. Just know that I am praying for you.


Vicki said...

I am a total stranger and I was reading info on the hcg diet. Your blog came up and I have been browsing through it. When I read this post, I thought I have to tell her to find a NUCCA Chiropractor, but I hesitated because I am a complete stranger. I looked around your blog a little longer and when I was about to exit your blog I felt like I should go ahead and comment and suggest a NUCCA Chiropractor to you.

I couldn't believe it when I read Gloria's comment. If you haven't already, please please please go see a NUCCA Chiropractor. I had a horrible pain in my right hip for years that came during my 4th pregnancy, but never went away. I couldn't sit in Indian style, I couldn't sit on the floor for anything because the pain was so bad. I went to 3 different chiropractors over the next 3 years. My Dr. didn't have any suggestions either. It was horrible. It made me feel like I was 90 years old. Anyway, someone finally suggested a NUCCA Chiropractor to me. I went and it was the best thing ever. I was finally cured of my hip pain after all those years. It is AMAZING! We moved to Alaska and we still go see our NUCCA Chiropractor once a year in Las Vegas.

Good Luck and thanks for the info on the hcg diet.