Thursday, March 18, 2010

First Day of Training

I have reached another milestone in my transformation journey! I started my Couch-to-5K training today. I finished Phase 2 of the diet 3 weeks ago on Friday and my original plan was to start training on Monday but I read my cousin Steve's blog and he inspired me to get going a bit earlier. He said, "It's not cheating if you start early, right?" and I thought, "Right! Let's go." I lost the weight and now it's time to lose the old sedentary lifestyle!

I downloaded the Podrunner interval training (a hot tip from another fan...thanks) and I loved it! It follows the C25K plan and I didn't have to time my intervals or think about anything. I just started the track and followed the tempo of the music. And the best part is...I SURVIVED! I don't think I have run since high school, honestly! I was a bit worried that my body would just not handle it. I even put the clippy thing on the treadmill on my shirt just in case I might fall so the treadmill wouldn't eat me! (Me? Worry much?)

Surprisingly, I felt very good and was ready to run one more time before I realized it was over. I'm glad I got this first session over I know I can do it and can move forward with confidence! I'm ready for this change. It's going to be good!

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mommygonemilf said...

Good Job! You are on your way.