Thursday, July 14, 2011

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I want to post a quick thank you to all of you who take time out of your day to read my blog and post an encouraging comment or two! As you know, losing weight is a constant battle and even when I'm not actively working the HCG, I still love hearing from and being inspired by you! I"d love for you to spread the word about this page. Share with your friends and family and remember to like my Facebook page or +1 me on Google if you are a fan. You can find links to both at the bottom of each post and on the sidebar! Thanks again and Good Luck with your journey!


Guinan said...

Hi Tonya!
So glad to stumble upon your blog! After reading Dr Simeons' book I googled him and came across pages calling it a scam, also that one would still be hungry while on the program.
Your blog gives me incentive to further persue this method, as I am at least 25 kilos (=55 lbs) overweight and recognize many of the symptoms Dr.S mentions.
I once successfully lost 14 kgs (= 31 lbs) on Atkins which I kept up for 18 months, so I should be able to master this *grins* and I'm already familliar with carbfree/lowcarb products.

I shall certainly follow your blog and hope my MD is 'into' this kind of treatment.

Thank you for this incentive!!!


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I am truly inspired by your success! Congratulations!

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